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Just My Cup of Tea

$12,000.00 - Sold out

This non-functional teapot is 8" high, 6" wide and 3" deep, made of etched and constructed sterling silver plus glass and tigereye. The life-sized tea bag is copper mesh and contains 50 carats of tourmalines and 3 carats of diamonds. The glass doors have megnetic closures and the cabinet contains hand-thrown (by the artist) teapots with working spouts and lids as well as a trompe-l'oeil teapot pin in 14k gold , titanium and sapphire that can be removed and worn. The etched scene on the back shows the cabinet and teapots in a room, in use.

This piece has been sold and is shown here for reference and inspiration. I would be happy to make a similar (or different!) one just for you. Price may vary.

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